New Development Tools:

We will be adding
SQL Server 2000
as part of our
database and ASP.NET
web tools in early 2005.

Compliance Pro™
   The Compliance Pro™ Application was developed for the
   Plasterers’ and Cement Masons, and is structured to be used by any
   trade union. This software includes: form letters, claim forms, audit
   form, importing information from an internet source, an internet data
   entry screen for remote users, and job tracking website for business

   Power Services, Inc. is now offering 2 new software packages that
   can be associated with CompliancePro™ they are MembershipPro™
   and ApprenticePro™ These software packages provide complete
   tracking and reporting for Apprenticeship and Membership needs.
   For more information, please contact our office at 800-808-9283.

Click Here to see the Compliance Pro™ PDF


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