New Development Tools:

We will be adding
SQL Server 2000
as part of our
database and web
tools in early 2004.

Services - PSI Development

Database Design and Development

   Power Services, Inc. provides database design and development
   utilizing Microsoft Access 2000 and XP. Our database developers
   can provide custom solutions to assist you in tracking, storing, and
   reporting your necessary and vital information. We will efficiently
   and accurately develop a custom database design that integrates
   with your specific needs.

   We provide a wide range of services geared toward smaller
   enterprises (and budgets!)

Web Design and Development

   Power Services, Inc. provides web design and development utilizing
   Microsoft Access, Internet Information Server and Active Server

   Our web developers can design web sites, web forms and complex
   web database applications.

   We are the ideal solution for enterprises that want to effectively
   utilize corporate level software technology without the expense of
   hiring a full-time technical staff.


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