New Development Tools:

We will be adding
SQL Server 2000
as part of our
database and web
tools in early 2004.

Database Design and Development

   Power Services, Inc. provides complete database design and
   development utilizing Microsoft Access 2000 and XP. We will
   efficiently and accurately develop a custom database design that
   integrates with your specific needs. We have developed over a
   hundred applications including databases for:
  • Agricultural Services
  • Construction Companies
  • Banquet and Catering
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Union Organizations
  • Vocational Institutions
  • Time Tracking and Billing
  • Libraries
Our Deliverables

   When you team up with Power Services, Inc., you'll get as much or
   as little as you want. Every aspect of our services are tailored
   to meet the specific needs of your unique enterprise. One size does
   not fit all, and we recognize and appreciate that. We'll work with
   you to determine what your needs and expectations are, and help you
   select from the following deliverables to meet them.
  • MS Access Database in the version of your choice or as a run-time application (we support Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2002)
  • Database security level of your choice
  • Online help (internal)
  • User documentation (external)
  • Technical documentation (external)
  • Training in the new database application as desired
  • Ongoing technical support (helpdesk, onsite, maintenance)
Our Process

   We provide the highest level of quality database programs for our
   customers. Our process for implementing a new database (or revising
   an existing one) from start to finish and beyond, is shown below.
  • User Requirements Analysis and Acceptance
    We have consulting sessions to review your needs, wants and constraints. We gather existing data sources, forms and reports to produce a requirements specifications document for your review. We make revisions as necessary. These requirements specifications define the scope of the project and break it down into subprojects, if necessary.
  • User Design Acceptance
    We insure your complete satisfaction with the design of your database application. During the course of the development we provide a User Design Acceptance session, this allows you to view the design and request minor changes prior to testing and training. This also allows us ample time to make desired changes and provides you with a mid-development view of your application.
  • Quality Assurance
    We have a complete Quality Assurance staff that thoroughly tests and approves your database application prior to your testing and training sessions. We feel this aspect of the development is vital to providing the quality and integrity "we insist on".
  • User Acceptance Testing
    We acknowledge that you will have the concepts in regards to the performance of the database. We provide a User Acceptance Testing session to give you the opportunity to make adjustments to the database application (within the scope of the contract). This allows for a timely and accurate delivery of the database application for training and full deployment.
  • On-site Training
    We provide On-site Training sessions* after the User Requirements/Design Acceptance, Quality Assurance, and User Acceptance Testing phases. During the training our consultants provide step-by-step instruction on data entry, generation reports, adding information to custom lists, and general knowledge with regards to navigation of the database application. *The number of sessions will be determined by the size and scope of the database application.

    Security Setup
    Microsoft Access provides the option to set "permissions" for each user. These permissions can be limited to a read-only view, data-entry, or full use administration of the database application. This feature provides protection of your database design and data integrity.
  • User/Technical Documentation
    In our ongoing quest for high quality and accuracy, we provide you with complete and custom User/Technical Documentation. This documentation will be presented to you at the time of training, so that you will have the ability to take notes for future reference.
  • Services Contracts
    We are always available to answer questions and concerns, especially when your application is not working to it's full potential. "Our work is guaranteed". Should you require assistance from our staff that is a user-generated problem and not a developer-generated problem, we provide optional Service Contracts that prevent you from incurring large "Technical Support" expenses.

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